Episode 4: Tequila 101

Welcome to the basics of blue agave. In this episode, the guys discuss the similarity and differences found in tequila and how important maturity, just as most things, becomes in a tequila. Grab a bottle and taste for yourself; there is fruit, pepper and other flavors in every sip. Compare the same brand’s blanco and reposado and taste what a few months inside a barrel can do. Most importantly, if you shoot, mix or drink it neat, taste it first; it may surprise you. Take notes.

  • Blanco- essentially tequila moonshine straight out of the still
  • Reposado-“rested” 2-11 months
  • Anjeo- “aged” at least 1-year old

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but good tequila, Hornito Reposado is an excellent choice on the lower end of the price range. We also like Costco’s Kirkland Anjeo as an inexpensive sipper.

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