Episode 6: This Little Piggy Went to Market

Disney needs a bourbon bar.
Right around the corner, seriously?
You’re joking!
Welcome to the second installment of our WDW trip.

I used to know about as much as a non-insider could know about Walt Disney World but I’ve been away a few years and things have changed. Disney is always a great place for food and drink but the whiskey choices at any given restaurant are random. Our hotel bar for example had Makers, Forester 86 and Jim Black Label. All respectable. Occasionally you’d see some Knob Creek or Bulleit behind the bar in some of the parks, but I was absolutely blown away by the selection at Disney Springs, primarily at The Polite Pig. Come to find out that Disney has it’s own bourbon trail at Disney Springs.

In the first part of our recording, Ben and Matt sample some Henry McKenna 10Year Bottled-in-Bond (which should be priced around $35 if you can find it).

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